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A New Greek Island at Mountain View Ras ElHikma

Meticulously designed on a slope to offer mesmerizing views of the Medditeranean and enchanting Greek landscapes, Crete is a place your family will instantly fall in love with. Your island paradise enjoys access to 10 exclusive swimming pools and surrounds an expansive Crystal Lagoon® with numerous activities and water sports.

Own your standalone villa, twin house or townhouse and enjoy direct access to the sandy beaches of the lagoon, or choose between 2- and 3- bedroom chalets with heavenly views at your doorstep.

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The Heart of the New Sahel

With its authentic Greek architecture, mesmerizing beach promenade and numerous restaurants and cafes, our community has thrived for 7 joyful summers, with hundreds of families creating thousands of unforgettable memories.

Destined to become a year-round, never-ending fun destination, Mountain View Ras El Hikma is a less than 3 hour drive from Cairo through Dabaa Rd, and 2 hours from Alexandria. As an eco-friendly community we continue to expand our failure-proof infrastructure through a growing electric power and water desalination capacity.

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