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A Celebration of the Summer Season

Indulge in the pleasures of the Tuscan experience at Diplomats’ Beach at Mountain View Ras El Hikma. From the charms of Italian architecture to spacious indoors designed with family life in mind, here your family is at the center and your family is celebrated, every day. A seamless blend of nature and hardscape, the Tuscan vibes of Diplomats’ Ras El Hikma promises to soothe your soul. It is a gathering of like-minded people who have travelled the world and come home to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures, our Mediterranean beachfront at the top of those. Sharing a full range of facilities with Mountain View Ras El Hikma, Diplomats’ Beach is fully serviced, operating and full of life. A happy place you can call your summer home, a place that is your own.

On Egypt’s beautiful Mediterranean Shores

A short drive from the hustle and bustle of Cairo, Mountain View Diplomats at Ras El Hikma is easily reachable from the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, the Wadi El Natroun Road and the recently inaugurated Dab’aa Road. At close proximity to Sidi Abdel Rahman, El Alamein Airport and Marsa Matrouh. This summertime heaven is surprisingly easily reachable from all that matters.

On Egypt’s beautiful Mediterranean Shores

Chalet - Diplomats

Your ultimate holiday home. The Chalet offers you the most of interior space as well as outdoor areas to enjoy, the perfect beachside home to accommodate guests and family members and host they way you like to. With gardens and rooftops depending on the type, the chalets ensure you get to not only enjoy your home but also, the destination you’re at.

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Standalone - Diplomats

Our seaside standalones, offer a spacious home for the whole family to be comfortable in during vacation time, responding to your holiday needs and spoiling you with exclusive seaview locations.

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Twin Homes - Diplomats

Our semi-detached Twin homes with beautiful corner gardens. The Twin homes truly respond to the needs of the modern family for a second home.

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