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Mountain View Ras El Hikma is all about getting the most out of summer.
The first thing that was drawn on our blueprints was nothing but a family, enjoying the kind of summer they would have to get on a plane to experience. And so, the rest was designed with that one idea in mind; bringing the authentic Greek summer experience to thousands of families who now make this project thrive. With activities that never run old, amenities to the highest level of standards and uniquely peaceful architecture, families live a meaningful everyday life, filled with joy and true satisfaction in their hearts.

Greek Architecture: The Secret to a Great Summer

The happy life of Mountain View Ras El Hikma Can be found in a strategic spot: under 3 hours from Cairo through the new Daba’a Road, 2 hours from Alexandria, and just 35 minutes from Sidi Abdulrahman.

You will be in the heart of the New Sahel in the new City of Ras El Hikma; Egypt’s newest global destination and the hottest first-class tourist attraction for European and international tourists in the Mediterranean region.

With 11 unique districts, a diversified economy, and a major clean energy corridor, the vibrant new city will put you only 15 KM east of the North Coast and 50 KM west of El Alamein Airport.

Greek village Chalet - Seaside

2 Bedroom From 92 to 110 M²

3 Bedroom From 115 to 132 

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Heights Chalet - Seaside

G1 & G2 – 108

GF & FF – 115

SF - 110

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Standalone - Seaside

Our seaside standalones, offer a spacious home for the whole family to be comfortable in during vacation time, responding to your holiday needs and spoiling you with exclusive seaview locations.


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