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Lagoon Beach Park - iCity October

For the first time in October City, Mountain View is announcing the start of receiving Expression Of Interest for its latest innovation, Lagoon Beach Park at Mountain View iCity October. Starting from Sunday A stress-free zone with a unique lagoon beach park living experience, where you can effortlessly get all the family together away from the distractions of our fast-paced life. Surrounded by Beach Lagoon and green nature, the new district will offer you an exclusive opportunity to Join The Vacation Nation

Everyone loves a Vacation

Vacations are one of the few things that have no downsides whatsoever. Many studies have shown that they actually lead to lowered stress, improved health, and increased happiness and creativity. But we Don’t need science to tell us that, we all instinctively know the elating feeling of taking some time off of work and responsibility and enjoying some quality time where we are the priority.

Everyone loves a Vacation

Beach Houses - LBP

iCity October: Starting from 180 Sqm to 250 Sqm

iCity New Cairo: Starting from 270 to 300 Sqm

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iVilla Garden - LBP

Lagoon Beach Park Edition, Join the Vacation Nation.

iCity October: iVillas starting from 175 sqm to 205 sqm
iCity New Cairo: iVillas starting from 220 Sqm to230 Sqm.

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iVilla Roof

Starting from 190 Sqm to 215 Sqm.


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Millennial Apartments - LBP

iCity 6th of October Millennial Apartments starting from115 Sqm to 180 Sqm.

iCity New Cairo Millennial Apartments:starting from 150 Sqm to 165 Sqm.

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Town Houses

Mountain View’s townhouses range from 260sqm to 265sqm and are designed to meet all your family’s needs. Boasting three bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as a nice garden, roof access and a maid’s quarter, laundry room and storage room, the town houses have taken into account your lifestyle preferences and have ensured you find them at home.

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